The aims of TechNet SA include:

  • Development of a technical support network in South Australia
  • Improve and facilitate the communication among technical staff within and outside South Australia
  • Identify the development needs and facilitate the on-going learning of technical staff in South Australia
  • Raise the profile of technical staff and their expertise within South Australian Universities Our Strategies

These aims will be met through a number of strategies and initiatives that may include:

  • Creation of local forums where solutions to common problems can be sought or shared
  • Liaison with similar groups in other states
  • To create linkages where practical to the activities of other relevant groups
  • Develop a website to facilitate information sharing, contact with colleagues and links to resources along with other strategies identified by the members of TechNet SA.

Perceived Benefits:

It is hoped that through the creation of TechNet SA the following benefits might be achieved:

  • A more connected and informed body of technical staff in South Australia
  • Faster dissemination of best practice among technical staff
  • Greater technical staff awareness of available professional and personal development opportunities
  • Development of ideas for new or different professional activities

Costs & Needs:

The committee expects that TechNet SA requires little in the way of resources beyond a small amount of time from committee and volunteer members. Senior management of the three Universities through the SAVCC has provided support and funding for the staging of our Forums and the 2004 Conference, with an on-going commitment up to and including 2008. Their continued endorsement and encouragement is valued by TechNet SA and its members.